October is National Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy Month. My PT friend, Beth Hofer, wrote this blog post for her company Preferred Physical therapy.


Preferred Physical Therapy of Kansas City is excited to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month in October! We have lots to celebrate in 2013, direct access being the most prominent and biggest news for Kansas PTs. As of July 1, 2013, clients no longer are required to obtain a physician referral for up to three weeks of physical therapy care. We strongly encourage people to check with their insurance carrier and their specific plan for reimbursement benefits. So far, this has been a great opportunity for our clients to take advantage of!

In addition to celebrating direct access, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), continues to encourage physical therapists to become more involved in the general wellness and fitness of our communities. This is a role we embrace in addition to our typical descriptions of treating injuries, surgeries and musculoskeletal conditions. At Preferred Physical Therapy in Kansas City we aim to move you to better health and offer preventative care and screenings to assist maximizing fitness levels while minimizing risk of injury. We clearly want our communities and customers to value their health and general wellbeing. A major part of that is making regular exercise a priority in their life and weekly schedules. However, we don’t want people to hurt or injure themselves in the process of becoming healthier. 

Our Functional Mobility Screen (FMS) identifies musculoskeletal risk factors that may predispose people to injury. We are then able to address these risks with an exercise prescription, BEFORE pain or injury occurs. A byproduct of the FMS screening, exercise prescription and education is performance enhancement. Due to corrected muscular imbalances and improved alignment, biomechanics are naturally improved due to decrease of tension on the joints and tendons. This in turn allows greater muscle mobility and ultimately power. 

For those already battling pain and overuse injuries, we are proud to offer three Certified ASTYM therapists at our location. The ASTYM technique utilizes patented tools and techniques to ‘comb out’ unhealthy, fibrotic muscle and tendon tissue while stimulating correct mechanics through exercise and activity prescription. Most common conditions successfully treated with ASTYM include plantar fasciitis, patellar tendon and Achilles tendinopathies, lateral and medial epicondylitis (golfer’s and little league elbow) and shoulder tendinopathies. 

Please visit our website at www.kcppt.com and www.astym.com for more information on our services, staff specialty certifications and accepted insurance plans. You may also find us on Facebook at Preferred Physical Therapy of Kansas City for updates and more educational tips. Payment is accepted by cash/ private pay, flexible spending accounts and certain health insurance plans.